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hello I’m currently doing a research study for my school.I need help to find interviewees for this research study. I am currently looking for children aged 9-16 with cyberbullying experiences (cyberbully ,victim or witness to a cyberbullying incident).We are only looking for Singaporean/Singaporean PRs. https://forms.gle/yQLYMX8XUPHPXoBd6 Please indicate here if you are interested
EduPivot believes that for our students to succeed in life, certain traits are important: self-confidence, optimism, leadership, teamwork, persistence, and being comfortable outside their comfort zone.
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Hi all. I am Mrs Joanne Lee. I am MOE NIE trained teacher. An honors grad in English. A former Head of Department For English in primary school. with almost 30 years of teaching experience. I specialised in the teaching of English. Offering online tuition. Feel free to drop me a text. :)