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Hi! I'm working on a project on how financial aid empowers single mothers in SG. I'm studying the work done by Self-Help Groups (like CDAC, MBMF, SINDA) and the ComCare Fund. I need single mothers willing to share their experiences.
~15 minutes; full confidentiality (approved by the NUS Ethics Review Committee). If interested, please fill out this survey: https://forms.gle/ZgrUbJaMXwEx1gELA
Hello, we are a group of SMU students who is conducting a market research for a company which focuses on preconception care. We are helping our client strategise to come up with better methods to support you in your conceiving journey. Your response is greatly appreciated and your identity will remain private and confidential.

Survey Link
Sofia: 9010 4376 | https://bit.ly/Im_Sofia
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