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    Baby 7 months with lymph nodes

    anyone has the above condition? i'm very concern as my son is having inflammation and swelling. We did a ultra-sound scan at Mt A last friday with PD Dr Terence Tan. He mentioned it's 'normal', the lymph nodes arise from insect bites, will subside after sometime and prescribe anti-biotics...
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    Baby lip blisters

    Nope he wasn't scalded. I suspect my boy sucked too hard and had blisters. Anyway he recovered within the day, and without scars so i'm not that worried now.
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    Baby lip blisters

    Hi Anyone have similar problems? My baby just turn 5 months, and he has blister on his upper lips. He has been quite cranky after he got the blister. Any advice?
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    any experience with cradle cap?

    I tried applying olive oil to my boy's cradle cap. But it got worse, more flakes coming off and his hair too. My boy has this condition for a month. :wecry: Maybe i will try the dentinox shampoo. Hope it helps.
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    Giving Water to a Baby??

    I heard from a friend that she overfed her baby boy with water and he got urinary infection, and baby has fever. Perhaps you can highlight the consequences to your sis in law.
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    Giving Water to a Baby??

    ok i will do just that see if it works. Thanks for the advice.
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    Giving Water to a Baby??

    My in laws also feeding baby water, abt 10ml after every feed, that makes up to 70-80ml per day. Is that acceptable? I'm worried now after reading the article. Baby is now 7 weeks old and puts on 1.7kg.
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    First time mummy with PUPPP

    Hi I'm newbie here. Baby is 7 weeks old. I have this PUPPP condition and the itch is unbearable. Anyone have any remedies to recommend? I have consult my gynae about it and she give me calamine lotion, but it doesn't help much. :(