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    Chong Pang Huat chicken wings and satay

    Satay sellers are a dime a dozen in Singapore since forever, with most just eking out hushed, microscopic existences across generations. Chong Pang Huat's decade-old franchise network of unfamilial shake 'n bake outlets is therefore somewhat an anomaly; still we'd heard largely good things...
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    An Open Plea to save Founder Bah Kut Teh
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    Mind drawing a blank after trying to kill myself

    I was hospitalized for a suicide attempt last Tuesday and went back to school just two days later to resit an earlier scheduled weighted assessment. In the end I absolutely screwed up my history paper because I was in the midst of coming off painkillers (wrote only one paragraph and literally...
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    Thio Shen Yi's Message to the PAP: Is this a repudiation of the political culture of bullying?

    Is it my imagination, or did the WP, of all parties, take the high road? No smears, no attacks. Grace, humility and ability to apologise and learn, and a listening ear. Some of the PAPs candidates are magnificent. PM, Tharman, Nadia Samdin(disclosure- colleague alert- congrats!). Lawrence...
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    Indian polling agent who assisted elderly allegedly insisted that she vote for the PAP
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    It is evident that PAP has lost the trust of voters in Singapore.
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    Indian polling agent who assisted elderly allegedly insisted that she vote for the PAP
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    Josephine Teo chua sai when asked about $3K payout by resident (scroll down to view video)
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    Sibei xia suay.......Sitoh Yih Pin mistakes resident's wife for maid!
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    Geylang Lorong 19 Eminent Frog Porridge Review

    Geylang is perhaps regarded by most locals as the epicentre of Singapore's flesh trade - dirty spas, seedy brothels, less than legal prostitution rackets and whatnot abound. Then again initiated gluttons will have you duly educated about a supper scene thriving amidst one festering mix of sex...
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    Pin Xiang Chicken rice opens new stall at 437 fernvale road
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    Candidates for GE2020

    Full list at
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    Looking at this makes me feel like crying.
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    Super funny: vid making fun of Heng Swee Keat's fumbling Nomination Day speech
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    Just the facts: PAP candidate Ng Ling Ling falsely claims she started SSTI, NCS

    Chronology of events: A lot more exposed at