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    Yakiniku stall @ Geylang East Coffee Shop opening this week
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    Rediscover Singapore Eligible Merchants

    Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa Amara Singapore Amoy Hotel Andaz Singapore AQUEEN - Jalan Besar Hotel Aqueen Hotel Paya Lebar Arcadia Hotel Arton Boutique Hotel Ascott Orchard Singapore Ascott Raffles Place Singapore Bliss Hotel Singapore Bright Star Hotel Capella Hotel Singapore...
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    Hong Kong reports 73 new Covid-19 cases, including 50 linked to ‘super-spreading’ dance cluster

    Hong Kong reported 73 new Covid-19 infections on Monday, the highest daily figure in about three months, including 50 linked to a “super-spreading” dance clubs cluster. Eight of the new infections were untraceable, according to Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan, head of the Centre for Health Protection’s...
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    S'pore BMW driver occupies BlueSG lots, forcing woman to cancel her booking & park elsewhere

    Stop parking in BlueSG charging lots Driver of BMW SKH1218K is simply irresponsible in parking on 2 lots in a BlueSG charging zone. Suggestion: All BlueSG cars should have a company issued wheel clamp in ther boot of every car. If the lot is abused, then just take wheel clamp from boot and...
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    SG-HK travel bubble just burst!
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    White Restaurant is hiring...... from 1.4K-1.7k/month
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    $10.90 Nasi Lemak anyone?
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    85 Bedok North Fried Oyster Review

    Helmed by former seafood restaurant chef Ng Soon Huat, 85 Bedok North Fried Oyster (勿洛北85蚝煎) began life 18 years ago at then already thriving east side supper haunt Fengshan Food Centre, expanding over time to lease adjoining stalls that most fortunately command prominent street frontage (it has...
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    Receiving a Letter of Demand: Everything You Need to Know

    We often hear about people receiving a letter of demand, or a “lawyer letter” in common parlance, and associating with it a certain gravitas. People certainly tend to feel threatened by it, or at least to take it as an intended threat. But what is a letter of demand? And what should you do if...
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    Breanna, 29, shared on Instagram that her 51-year-old mum just gave birth to her baby

    Julie Loving has just given birth to her granddaughter. After watching her daughter Breanna Lockwood and son-in-law Aaron struggle with infertility for years, the 51-year-old was determined to "take away the pain". The young couple had already had two miscarriages, one ectopic pregnancy and...
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    A few SIA chiobu stewardesses open a bistro together, names it Kevin Khoo

    A few weeks ago Singapore Airlines operated a restaurant onboard an Airbus A380, in an effort to raise money for the airline as borders remain mostly closed. Well, that’s not the only way you can dine while being served by (displaced) Singapore Airlines employees. Several employees of the...
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    $7 supper on sunday......

    Wanton noodles @ Encik Tan: $4 2 pieces of prata (1 egg + 1 plain) @ Mr Prata: $3 More at
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    She does not mind living uncomfortably in backpacker hostel until she can find a place of her own....

    First apply for a Build-To-Order (BTO) flat, then have a wedding three to four years later. Such is the plan - one might even call it a template - for so many young Singaporean couples that the pragmatism has passed into urban legend here. But in a time of Covid-19, the "BTO first, marriage...