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    Can breastfeeding mummy pregnant?

    yes you can bf during pregnancy. As long as your gynae says its ok to make love, you can breastfeed. Warning... it is not a fun experience... BUT its really v. v. v. v. worth it!!!!
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    Can breastfeeding mummy pregnant?

    I've had two kids while breastfeeding. So no, breastfeeding doesn't stop you from getting pregnant at all. Once you have your period, please use contraception... actually, I wouldn't stop using it at all because remember that your egg is released before your period arrives. So might be just...
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    Stop bf , do I need to give formula for 1 yr baby?

    if your baby is coping fine with regular solid foods, there is no real nutritional need to provide fm or fresh milk. None of my kids took fm or fresh milk til they were much older and asked for it themselves (in other words, they could talk and decide stuff already). as for condensed milk...
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    breastfeeding and mestruation questions

    if it helps any, nursing thru pgy is worth it! when you get two nurslings at your breast playing and grinning at each other.. your heart will fill til overflowing. Hang in there... it is only for less than 9 mths. *hugs*
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    breastfeeding and mestruation questions

    actually your nursling will usually know first. They'll start fussing at the breast more and demanding more nursing session. For me, sore nips and just a general sense of a change in my body (i'm pretty sensitive to my body). My mucus changed too... hard to describe how. the longest my...
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    Is it normal for 3mths old baby to still feed at 2hrly intervals? Even at nite??

    the switch off light trick may take a few days to work. Basically you're training your baby to differentiate between day and nite. For me, I had noise and lights on the whole day and at night, I'd have a regular routine before bedtime then switch off all the lights. It worked for me as I started...
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    Any good lactation consultants to recommend?

    Doris is Singapore's first LC so she's really experienced. She helped me with my 3rd baby and my problem was solved after meeting her once. She's worth every penny paid in my opinion. And she continues to help via sms or phone calls even after.
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    breastfeeding and mestruation questions

    my menses resumed usually 3-4 mths after birth and were irregular both before and after. Never knew when I was gonna be fertile. Much of that has to do with the hormone levels a bfg mother experiences. Things like growth spurts or illness can knock our menstrual periods off schedule. during...
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    When to start Breast Feeding??

    immediately after birth there is a golden time when baby is naturally inclined to searching for and latching on to the breast. Its always so much easier to start the bfg journey if you work with nature at this point. Watch this for a little more information - BABYCRAWL
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    Is it normal for 3mths old baby to still feed at 2hrly intervals? Even at nite??

    every two hours is great already... I remember my #2 drank every 30mins til she was about 6 mths or it could have been longer... can't remember liao... that was during the day, during the nite, she'd binge for 2-3 hours nonstop then sleep for 4-5 hours. every baby is different. you just...
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    7 wks pregnant and still bfeeding

    its totally possible to breastfeed thru a pregnancy.. not the easiest thing to do but doable!! I've done it twice. I really think you need a little time to absorb the news and come to terms with it. Abortion will probably end up not being a really good idea.
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    Bradley Method, Hypnobirthing

    do check out Ginny was one of the first hypnobirthing practioners in Singapore. If you'd rather go the DIY route, NLB has a book on Hypnobirthing (chk the catelogue). It comes with a cd that you can play (no need for premium membership).
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    Re: Gan Chiong Daddy To Be Required Pro Parents

    be the 'white knight saving the damsel' especially if relatives give negative remarks over your parenting choices. Your wife won't be in the right emotional state/mindset to shoot back. Mother your wife... let her mother the baby. One key memory I have with my first baby was growing so...
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    purchase of prams and electric breast pumps

    PRAM I've used combi for two babies. Reason... its small (can go through supermarket aisles and mrt gantryways)... its easy to close with one hand... its light (can pick up with one hand)... it stays closed (some actually pop open and need a latch to stay shut). those factors were important to...
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    How do you teach PHONICS?

    errr.. don't need to buy lah... go to I'm using it together with with my dd now. She loves the time spent with me. By the way, she thinks its FUN and asks for it. Which I like cos I don't want it to feel like WORK. I spend abt 15 mins per session and have...