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    Eczema!! Please!!!

    Happen to chance by an article that talks about using honey for eczema and i remembered this thread. I think this is quite useful and it even show you the type of honey you should use. quite a good read tbh!
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    How much Birdnest to take????

    You should take birds nest in the morning when its empty for the best results! your stomach will be hungry for nutrients and it'll be able to absorb all the goodness of the birds nest. you should also include birds nest as part of your diet. consume bit by bit throughout the week. hope this...
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    Eczema!! Please!!!

    you can look for natural ways to cure acne like the use of honey. honey has anti inflamatory properties that can help soothe the and hydrate the skin. just take note that other acne treatments may result in dry skin and end up damaging your skin even more. be sure to consult the doc before...
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    I discovered that my husband is Bisexual

    I think you should sit your husband down and have a heart to heart talk and see what are the underlying issues that caused the problem. maybe he's just going through a phase that we might not understand. you might even want to go for counseling. but either way i hope your family stays in tact at...
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    Where to buy spices cheap?

    you can check this place out ! Anthony The Spice Maker Blk 335 smith street #b1-169 Chinatown complex, 050335 i believe they'll have majority of the things youre looking for at a relatively cheap price!
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    Divorce feeling lost

    pathetic attempt by a man to find fault with a lady. not worth your love and time. glad youre leaving him. it'll be good if you can approach the orgnizations like AWARE and others that offer help or at least a listening ear to your problems. divorce is never a single persons burden. you should...
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    Divorce Lawyer Overcharging Help!!

    i would suggest you find a lawyer from a religious institution cause i find that they are more grounded? you can sometimes find their advertisements on the newsletters and they are more understanding of ones situation. knew of someone who engaged the service of a lawyer who was from a catholic...