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    Parents rejecting their special child

    I salute parents who exert all efforts to provide for their children, especially those with special needs. Caring for them requires 100% attention, which I think is hard to sustain these days. These angels are given to you for a reason...On the other end, I pity those special needs children who...
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    Diabetes during pregnancy

    It's quite a common situation among pregnant women. You'll have to be careful with what you eat. I'm sure there are nutritionists who can customize meals for you. Diabetes is not something that should be taken lightly so you better sit down and talk with your gynae.
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    Hi mum3! Just came across this thread. How is your daughter now? I hope she had a smooth transition from wearing pampers to being completely free from them.
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    Do you cane/ spank your kids?

    I don't believe in spanking or even scolding. I think instead of teaching your child a lesson, it will only cause problems in your relationship. He'll grow fearful of you and even hate you. After explaining what he did wrong, I serve him the punishment for his action like lessen his hours on the...
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    I think travelling can help widen a kid's horizon when it comes to being conscious of his environment. Travelling by cruise may be unconventional for some, but it certainly has its own benefits. I guess it depends on a family's preference, budget. etc.
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    'I'll die of pain without an epidural'

    I think mummies with low pain tolerance should not risk giving birth without an epidural. It could add more stress to the birthing process and may affect the baby.
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    Hi Pepper12! Sorry to hear about your predicament. I completely agree with Yan Yi. You need to move on with your life. Don't hold grudges as it will only remind you of the pain of being betrayed. Maybe you still love him, maybe not. But the important thing is to let go and live your life to the...