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    Hello. Welcome both WenHui and Evsee
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    Do you match your bra and undies ?

    I don't wear bra and panties... Lol Ok. Maybe panties during menses... I do match my lingerie though, since most comes as 'set'.
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    hi there

    Hi Lily, Welcome onboard! Hope you enjoy your stay here. You can pm me to chat if you want.
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    How did u get to know about mummysg??

    Welcome on board. I was from flowerpod too! I think there's quite a numbers in here are from there as well
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    Hello Mums

    Welcome Wendie... Depend what kind of 'tame' you mean :) You can pm me to chat (though not always online) if you want though.
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    Let's add together in Facebook or MSN mummies!!

    It's an interesting...but dead thread
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    Whatsapp Group

    Don't think so there's one. Or maybe I don't know =D I'm ok if have wechat group chat. Not into whatsapp though, especially online. Hehe Oh. Btw, Welcome onboard
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    unfaithful anxiety

    Don't be sad.. Try have a talk with your husband about this.
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    unfaithful anxiety

    I guess you mean 'comment'? I think is just spam ba. Sometimes I do have those weird messages sending to me as well. But had to say, usually such site won't sent 'spam' message... You may like to investigate further
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    Hello from Ang Mo Kio

    Hi welcome! Sound like you are from oversea?
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    Hi Jannet, Welcome! and congratulations!
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    Hi hi hello!

    Welcome angela!
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    new mummy!

    Congratulations! And welcome onboard!
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    Welcome onboard! Am Cindy here :D
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    New member here

    Welcome to the family!