1. K

    All About Special Needs Kids (For Parents)

    Hi everyone, I wanted to create a forum thread that provided information on official helplines, workshops or informative events that parents of special needs kids can attend or use - to provide the right kind of support for their child as well as to learn how to cope effectively. This thread...
  2. Angelmum

    Public transport concession - disability person's fare review

    Extracted and posting here. What disabled people want: A little kindness Disabled commuters are to get fare concessions on public transport, the Government said this week. Details are to be worked out, but Nicholas Aw, president of the Disabled People's Association, wants them to pay...
  3. M

    Neurofeedback for ADD / ADHD / Autism

    Hi, has anyone tried neurofeedback for your special needs kids? It's supposed to be very effective, even more than conventional therapies. Supposed to help increase concentration, focus, improve sensory disorders, basically all brain cognitive functions and even emotional tuning as well. Am...
  4. Angelmum

    Study to better help kids with special needs

    Nov 25, 2010, Zul Othman, Today SINGAPORE - A major study on the impact of early intervention programmes for children with special needs is about to begin. Expected to take several years, the study's key objective is to get a more evidence-based approach to the way special needs children are...
  5. Angelmum

    Financial Assistance

    Financial Assistance List of help from govt bodies, mainly for those low income. Some cap at $500/capita, some much lower.
  6. Angelmum

    Special attention for Special Needs

    TODAYonline | Singapore | Special attention for Sped schools 1) S$300 monthly subsidy for their children enrolled in EIPIC. The programme provides social, educational and therapy services for kids up to six years of age. 2) New CPF scheme, called the Special Needs Savings Scheme (SNSS) to...
  7. Angelmum

    COMMON Medical term: Autism/Global Dev Delay/Seizures/Cerebral Palsy/Down's Syndrome

    Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Autism Spectrum Disorder The fastest growing diagnosis within the disability of Pervasive Developmental Disorders is Autism Spectrum Disorder. Children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder are from all socioeconomic groups, as well as cultural, racial, and...
  8. Angelmum

    Info, Tips or Resources to SHARE

    This thread contains different postings with different tips. Contributed by Rae Explora Learning Company, was started by parents of a child with developmental delay, who had faced much frustration at the lack of awareness and minimal support available within the Singapore school system. Our...