1. ylp

    Baking Class for Christmas & Party

    Next class is 16th Dec , 2 to 5 pm. $25 for 2 classes. Interested mummies, please drop me a line.
  2. A

    WTS: Wilton Ultimate Professional Cake Decorating Set

    want to sell: Wilton Ultimate Professional Cake Decorating Set, Wilton Site Item Code: 2109-0309: Unused, Only opened because of broken or torn box from the shipment (as seen on the picture ) and opened only to see if everything is intact ( you can see that all are still inside a plastice...
  3. S

    WTS - KENWOOD CHEF MIXER - Mint Condition 9.5/10

    Mint Condition 9.5/10 - Seldom Use Mixer bought around 10 months Message Me For more pictures of enquiries @ 90885934 General specifications Body material:Die cast aluminium & plastic Bowl material:Polished stainless steel Bowl tool material:Coated Colour:White with silver trim Size...
  4. N

    WTS: Baking Wares / Tools - Cookie Cutters, Plungers, Silicon Moulds, Stencils

    Hi Peeps, I'm looking to sell several BNIB baking items. These items are totally new as a few months ago, i was looking to start my own cake business. My bf and i went on a shopping spree to buy quite alot of items from the local stores / online stores. But i recently got a new job, so am...
  5. kimitsusei

    How To Make Banana Bran Muffins Difficulty: Medium Time: 1hr (15min preparation, 25-30min cooking, 10min decoration) Number of servings: 7 (4cm/1.6inch) muffin cups Necessary Equipment: blender / mixer Ingredients: ((Banana Bran...
  6. H


    Hi anyone know how to use fondant, i tried it and after awhile it started to melt. Thanks :eek::wong29: