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    donate breastmilk

    Hi mummies, I want to donate my oversupply fbm 40+packs date dec'14 - feb'15 each bag ard 250ml-300ml store in milk bag in freezer. my Lo now 2mos n she refuse bottle. i eat everything in moderation , no smoking, no drinking. consume breastfeed vitamin n calcium everyday. Will be...
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    donating fbm

    Hi mummies, I have 40+ packs of fbm for baby who need it :) Collection date : dec'14 - feb'15 Each bag around 250ml-350ml no smoking, no drinking, eat everything in moderation. always eat breastfeed vitamin n calcium everyday. My baby now near 2mos soon, and she prefer to latch than...
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    Breast Milk (Frozen) Donation @ pasir ris

    Hi mummies, I have extra frozen breast milk for donation :):wong19: my baby is 8 months old now and my frozen breast milk are pumped out earliest in November 2013 (or December 2013) Please contact me if you need my frozen breast milk :) (i am Chinese, and I dun smoke, i dun drink plus i...