1. K

    Playdates & more mummy friends!

    hello mummies, hoping to find more (young) mummy friends & playdates for my 21 months old boy (: Currently staying in woodlands & hopefully we can create a whatsapp group or something (:
  2. L

    Young mums meetup

    Hi there young mummies! I'm 23 with a two year old daughter and would love to meet up with other young mums and their babies for coffee. Just to make some new friends as all of my friends are un married and without kids. I would like to have some mummy friends to do things with and without the...
  3. J

    Playgroup for 10th -18th months and meetup session for mummies

    Hi there mummies, There will be a meetup cum playgroup session for babies 10th -18th months this coming Sunday 14th July 4-5pm at IGenius. Do sign up if interested! More info at 14th July 2013 Mummies Meet Up & Play Date
  4. B

    Anyone staying in the east keen for meetup???

    Hi all SAHM mummies/non-mummies, I'm new in this forum and a mother of 1, my daughter is currently 2 months old... i'm looking for meetup kakis for chitchat/Kopi/Shopping etc, i am staying at Pasir Ris... Feel free to reply or PM me :D