1. TheLogicCoders

    Coding Classes│Ages 8-11│Lego Mindstorms│Trials Available

    At The Logic Coders, students are placed in a fun, dynamic environment, where they learn coding logic through real-world experiences. Lessons would be filled with games and activities that allow students to understand coding concepts intuitively. Students at The Logic Coders don’t just learn...
  2. N

    Primary & Secondary Math / Science Tuition Services

    Dear Mothers of SG, I am providing tuition services for both primary and secondary level Mathematics and Science. Some background about myself: -Ex-Ngee Ann Polytechnic Scholar -Graduated with a Diploma in Engineering Science (cgpa 3.77/4.0) -Currently pursuing a degree in Mechanical...
  3. M

    Patient Tutor with Year Experience for Secondary Subjects

    Looking for a patient tutor who knows his stuff? here is one you can consider: * Mr Wong | 29 | Male | Chinese | 9-2-2-1-8-2-4-8 * Qualifications: Chinese High School, Hwa Chong Institution, NUS * Graduate Tutor with more than 9 years tutoring experience * Tutoring Subjects: Secondary level...
  4. S

    Topic Map for Science Plant Cell - For final SA1 Science Revision

    Hi guys, Sharing the Topic Map for Plant Cell that is good for quick SA1 Primary Science Revision! Topic map is a highly effective visual aid to help students visual concepts and understand the connections between the main points effectively. Illustration of the concept at one glance greatly...
  5. S

    Primary 6 Top 10 CA1 Math and Science Common Mistakes

    Intelligence is learning from your own mistakes. Wisdom is learning from others'. Download these Math and Science worksheets to see what are the top 10 mistakes others are making. Worksheets include questions with full solutions.
  6. K

    STEM Enrichment - March Holiday Camps for 5-12yo

    The March school holidays are coming! Keep your kids entertained with fun holiday camps at Kids DiscoveryWorks. Did you know that the Three Little Pigs were civil engineers? And the poor, much-maligned Big, Bad Wolf was only a structural engineer trying to do his job! Kids DiscoveryWorks’ Once...
  7. K

    Tuition for Primary, Sec Maths, Physics, Science, English, Chinese at Serangoon

    At KRTC, we have 28 years of teaching experience and well-versed with MOE syllabus. We have helped hundred thousands of students to achieve distinctions or improve positively in their school grades. All our tutors are full time and we offer the following subjects at our tuition centre at...
  8. J

    Enrichment classes for science

    Hi all, does anyone know of any interesting enrichment classes for primary school students? especially for Science.. my kid has seemed to lose interest in Science.. trying to steer away from tuition classes as it just seem to worsen the situation.. thanks in advance for any input of ideas
  9. I

    Exciting Science Play-shop for children

    Join us at this two hour science immersion programme! Amazing science demonstrations and exciting hands on experiments awaits your child. Your child will be ever more excited and interested about nature, science and technology! A truly fun-filled, awesome and magical start for the new year...
  10. U

    Effective 1-1 Chinese, Maths, English, Science Home Tuition

    If you are looking for effective home tutor Then you have come to the right place. Academic results can be regarded as the top priority in Singapore and you often feel responsible for ensuring that your children have a proper education. However, after a busy day of work, you may feel...
  11. H

    Educational science nature games

    Has anyone tried one of these science nature games for their kids? Saw this on mocca perks. looks like a good deal. $136 for 3 WILD! Science educational Eco Science kits (worth $170) by Greenviron Eco - If you have, do share. :001_302: