Baby sleeping position


mummies, what is the postion that your baby sleeps? On his sides or back? Is it okay that baby sleeps on 1 particular side for long hours? Louis can't sleep very long on his back - he will get startled often. He is more comfortable on his right side, but we are also putting him to sleep on his left. But is it okay to sleep few hours on 1 side - he seems comfortable though... but worried if there are any "side effects"..


the older folks said that if the baby keeps sleeping on one side, his face will be flatter on that side.

To me, the rule is simple.
So long as my baby sleeps well and enjoy sleeping in that position, I will let him be.
Why 'create' trouble for myself by semi-waking him up, turning him, so that his face is proportionate? *giggle* Nahhh... to me, that's asking for trouble, that is disturbing his precious sleep.

When my boys were baby....
My elder one loved to sleep on his right. Fell asleep easily (its a great thing to a tired Mommy) on that side.
My younger one loved to sleep on his tummy. Many say its dangerous. Well, Mommy did stay alert by check every now and then. But he sleeps like a log in that position, so what's that little walking in and out of the room compared to him having a great sleep. *wink*

Thus my answer to your question is, let him sleep. Even though its few hours. My elder one, didn't have a flat right side, nor did he have brain/mental problem. So no side effects.


Don't think there are any "side-effects" on sleeping by the side except that one side of the head will be "flater" than the other. But such effects are not really obvious.

My baby sleeps on his tummy.

Babies (like those in our generation) sleep on their backs and if you touch the back of your head, it's actually quite flat. But as you can see, it's not really that obvious.

You can try putting your baby to bed on his right side for 1 nap, then on his left for another nap. Then it will "even" out the effects.
my girl is also easily startled if she sleeps on her back and can't sleep long. she loves to sleep on her tummy with head tilted left, no matter how i shift her she will automatically turn back to her left side. nwadays she knows how to shift herself so I just let it be. everytime she wake up her left eye will be puffy but after awhile will be ok.

MIL also say that if better for babies to even out their sleep on both sides but what to do if she don't like it right.