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Teacher has been complaining that my gal (age 4) cannot hold a pen, and she cannot use a scissors. They asked to teach her myself. So after much training she can now do it on her own. They commented that My girl is slow....But what can I do if her character is "slow" type?
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Hello. I think it's an individual thing. And what do you mean by "slow"? Everyone develops differently, if you are worried, you can consult a psychologist, ask your child if she is comfortable. Also, you can talk with the teacher, why she thinks your girl is slow.


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Teacher has been complaining that my gal (age 4) cannot hold a pen, and she cannot use a scissors. They asked to teach her myself. So after much training she can now do it on her own. They commented that My girl is slow....But what can I do if her character is "slow" type?
Hi Tiffany03, everyone has different ways of learning. You can try to enroll her in an enrichment program where she can improve and enhance memory learning.


As a first-time mom, choosing which school to put my child on is a serious challenge. I've been making down the list of preschool and enrichment classes. For me, putting them in a half-day for preschool during weekdays whilst enrolling as well to 1-2 hour enrichment class on weekends would do. Making my child's time occupied by getting full-time classes won't really have good results.


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I think your child is not a slow type maybe try to enrol in enrichment classes like more on activities. I hope it helps.

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I think with a lot of patience and the right teacher, she would definitely improve. There are a lot of interactive and educational class that doesn't use the usual technique in teaching. Having fun while learning should be the new norm right now. Finding the right online class is the challenge.


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Hello parents,

My name is Gwen. I used to assist in Occupational Therapy sessions for special needs children.

I am an advocate for physical-based activities as it:
⁃ improves one’s concentration and memory
⁃ improves one’s health and well-being
⁃ provides greater confidence
⁃ improves one’s gross (e.g. throwing ball, cycling) and fine motor skills (e.g. tying shoe lace, opening bottle can, buttoning shirt)

Each session is a flat rate of $35/hr.

Duration (once/ twice weekly and 1hr/ 1.5hrs per session) and content of sessions are customised accordingly, depending on your goal:
⁃ Functional life skills activity (e.g. crossing road, counting money and buying things, folding clothes)
⁃ Indoor fun activity (e.g. games, play dough, mini obstacles at home)
⁃ Pre-writing/ education (eg primary school math/science/chinese)

I always believe a child is able to better focus/ regulate with sufficient physical activities. Same goes for Adult.

PM or email me at for discussion and i can provide more information (eg past experiences and future plans). Let’s work together and help your child achieve greater heights!

*Disclaimer: I do not provide initial assessment/ evaluation, physical activities might cause little abrasion (which can help a child to grow stronger) :)

The key component to achieving various goals is keeping the sessions and activities fun and “child-directed” if possible. This means I allow the child to pick what we do but I manipulate it into being therapeutic and to work on the goals I have set for the child. This way, it is always motivating, and the child does not realise that they are doing “work.” When working at home, I encourage you to be playful and imaginative with the activities, this will yield the best results.

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Looking for a professional to support your child who has special needs or delayed in some domains such as writing skills, reading area?????

In Singapore, children who diagnosed with different disorders has been increased significantly recently. Most of the parents will send their child who has special needs to Early Intervention Centre (EIPIC) after received the diagnosis from the psychologist.

Other than sending your child with special needs to attend EIPIC, you can consider for 1-1 home based early intervention as the Educational Therapist/Early Interventionist/Handwriting specialist will work closely with you and support your child's learning and development during their early years (the most crucial years). The Educational Therapist not only provide support to you and your child in a home based setting, and will support in school as well as public settings too.

Kindly click into this link and get more information on this Home-based Intervention for Children with Special needs.

To find out more details, kindly contact and find out more:

Contact number: 8600 6015
Instagram profile: joyeux.e_


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Hello mummies!

The Infant Care Study at NTU aims to understand how infants' social interactions with caregivers (parents, grandparents, teachers) can influence their learning and development in their early years. We are looking for infants up to 12 months of age and you will be compensated for your time via a $150 gift voucher.

If you are interested to take part, or to find out more information, sign up using the QR code below.

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hello mummies ~ want to check with you guys on the type of preschool to send your child. do yall think sending to a private preschool school is better? personally i think all schools are equally as good but i'm just not sure on the point whereby paying $2,000 more a month will save time and allow my kids to have co-curricular activities during school hours (e.g., baking, piano, sports etc), because i feel that i can send them to enrichment classes at a more affordable rate. but at the same time, i also want my kid to have a memorable time in preschool with many fun outings and a larger scale graduation ceremony when they hit K2. any mothers out there can share what they feel and think? :)

i think this article that i read recently, seems to be sharing a lot of pros on expensive preschools, but time and budget seems to be the only pros for government-supported preschool operators like My First Skool.


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Hi Tiffany03,

While we may be a little late, we believe that we have a solution to your problems! We understand your concerns about your daughter's learning pace. Comparing children at this age can be challenging, as every child blossoms at their own unique time.

At Brillianaire, we offer personalized child development analyses that can help you understand your daughter's learning abilities. This might include how she prefers to learn, her strengths and weaknesses in different areas, her pressure endurance level and her individual learning pace. This knowledge empowers you to support her development effectively and celebrate her unique journey.

If you're interested in learning more, feel free to connect with us at 8444 2303. We'd be happy to chat!

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Hello Amy! Brillianaire helps many parents with choosing preschools and enrichment centresthat align with their child's learning style, speed, strengths and weaknesses, and pressure endurance level. With our analyses, not only can you learn more about these, you can learn about your child's character traits, personality, brain dominance, and more! Contact us at 8444 2303 and we would love to chat about your concerns or questions! Thank you!