Games on the phone (ATT, google, player, support)


Not sure where exactly this belongs... but I enjoy my daily Sudoku on the phone. With ads, because I'm too cheap to pay for it. Question is are there really people playing Bingo Cash and Solitaire Party and etc. etc. and 'making' $10,000 a month? Or even $100?
About mobile games, Sudoku is my jam too! Those ads can be annoying, but hey, free is free, right? So, I've been curious about these games like Bingo Cash and Solitaire Party. Saw some talk about making big bucks - $10k a month, seriously? I mean, that sounds like a dream! Has anyone here tried it? I'm a bit skeptical, especially after hearing about the cash giraffe legit mobile gaming app. Is that for real? I'm already looking forward to trying it, but would love to hear your experience.