Post Natal Massage (Thai Traditional)

Thai Massage

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Post Natal Massage by Thai lady. Very experienced. She can speak English and Chinese.
Very effective and good feedback from many clients.
Herbs all bought directly from Thailand.
Many mothers got back into shape and could fit into their jeans again.

Full body massage also available too. Women only.

Minimum 3 days pacakage

80% of the package amount must be paid as deposit to secure dates.
No refund for back outs.

Reason being a lot of customers book and later on back out resulting in losing other customers who wanted the same dates.

Call Jang for more info at 84297376



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Thanks for the tips, I'll contact her at the massage therapy in Prague. But I gave birth by c-section, not naturally and I am afraid it will hurt... :rolleyes: In fact, my whole body still hurts after giving birth.