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Hi everyone. I'm helping my mum (Ivy) to let you know that she's available as a stay-in confinement lady (or a nanny too).

She's Chinese-Malaysian, speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Malay, and a bit of English. She can fulfill all the expectations of a confinement lady - cooking confinement food, taking care of the baby around the clock (especially the night shifts), helping with breast-feeding and pampers changing, giving advice for the mothers about taking care of the baby, minor household chores - and just making the newly parents feel as comfortable as possible as they adjust to the new lifestyle (with a new kid, or the changing dynamics of having an additional kid).

My mum is highly experienced, with a long and good track record as a nanny. One of her previous experiences was a 4-year nannying stint with a family who took her on as a nanny after engaging her as a confinement nanny for their first child. They had twins after that, and my mom looked after them as well.

My mum is extremely responsible, friendly and caring. She cooks well (she is one of the star 'chefs' of my family when it comes to CNY). She’s generally a very neat person and constantly works to make the house a clean and neat environment. She's agreeable and not stubborn. She won't be fierce or interfere with the parents' decisions in relation to their baby/confinement. However, she will give parents advice based on her experience, and it is up to the parents to decide whether they agree with her. As the eldest of her 9 siblings who grew up in a single-mother household, trust me when I say that her motherly instincts and practical household knowledge are top-notch. She raised me well and I couldn't have asked for a better mum!

If you would like to set up an interview in Singapore, please whatsapp her at 9484-6912 (her name is Ivy). Thanks for your time.
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Hi all, I am a first time mom with a baby boy. If you are seeking a skilled and experienced confinement nanny, I would like to recommend Nanny Evon.~ I found her through online forum & would like to share with other mummies. We feel incredibly blessed to have had her by our side, and we are confident that any family would benefit greatly from her expertise. She is easy-going and modern, mainly speaks mandarin and understands basic english.

She is experienced with postpartum care ensuring that both the baby and I received the utmost care and attention. She cooks very nourishing and delicious meals that were specifically tailored to aid in my postpartum recovery - meals for both me and my husband. I look forward to meals everyday because it is just so delicious! We got a helper on the last 2nd day before she left and she offered to teach and train the helper as much as possible before she left. On the last day, she was so sweet to go the extra mile to cook dinner for us (to eat later) even though she was leaving in the early afternoon.

She is also capable of doing grocery shopping on her own. She puts in extra effort to compare and check out other markets with cheaper deals for fresh fishes and lean meats for cooking daily postpartum meals so that we get the best at a good price. She also taught my husband & helper how to cook and where to buy the best inexpensive fishes/meat so that they can cook for me next time.

She effortlessly managed all the essential tasks with great skill and patience. She is like a baby whisperer -From feeding and diaper changing to soothing and settling techniques, she had a comprehensive understanding of our baby's needs. Our baby boy grew chubby and healthy and cleared the jaundice tests within the second visit. She trained our baby to be able to play quietly on his own and fall asleep without being carried all the time. Hence when she left, it was easier to look after and does not always need to be carried. When I got better, she trained me to bathe the baby so that I could train my helper next time. She ensures I was getting enough rest and offered to help us with the household chores. She has demonstrated a high level of initiative, anticipating our needs and taking care of tasks before we even had to ask. We felt completely at ease knowing that we could trust her implicitly.

Thanks to her guidance and expertise, we were able to navigate this transformative period with confidence and peace of mind. If you are fortunate enough to secure her services, you can rest assured knowing that you and your baby will be in the best of hands. We are still in touch with her via whatsapp whenever we encounter any issues with the baby or if we needed tips on cooking. Nanny Evon contact details: (+65 8301 2911 OR +60 16-3308664) - Can just voice message her.

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hi mummies, can i check if getting a confinement nanny will be more affordable than going to a confinement center? i was searching up and it seems like confinement center seems like a good choice too. would like to understand why did both of you picked to have a confinement nanny instead? :) also is the postnatal massage/jamu wrap important? its quite pricey....

the article i read with the prices listed: