temper tantrums and ipad


need views from parents here.

my 28 month old has always been a little angel till he hit the terrible twos..gosh..

before he was 2 years old, he never asked for iPad during mealtimes.

just so happened that he fell sick at 2 years old and refused to eat and drink.

afterwards when he's recovered, he requested for iPad during mealtimes all the time and refuses to eat without looking at it (he uses it to take photos and videos).

threats, cajoling, bribing also didnt work. spanking bottom didnt work too.

few months ago he started attending childcare. things got better. for 2 weeks, he did not request for iPad during mealtimes at all. even after mealtime he forgot about it.

however, he fell sick again. this time even worse. refused to eat n drink too but because it wasn't so serious that he needed to be warded, we had to deal with the illness at home. Meaning, when he didn't want to eat and drink, again, the ipads needed.

now that he's recovered. he's requesting for ipad during mealtimes at home and outside (not at childcare though). and tantrums got worse. now he hit at us, throw things, bang his head on the table.

scolding, spanking , talking to him didn't work.

by the way, he doesn't know how to talk properly yet. so it added to the frustrations.

any of u experienced parents out there have tips for effective dealings with toddler tantrums?

lots of books and articles out there are only theory that do not work at all.

i'm looking for actual strategies used by parents and kids grew up well.



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Hello there! I recently came across an article from the internet which discusses the various ways of tackling temper tantrum. I too, am a mother of 3, 2 of them boys and I think the content it rather true from my experiences. Couple of tips just to highlight:

-Be in control of the situation as you are the adult.

-Let your child know you love him.

-Watching signs of overstressing your child.

You can read the full article here: Tantrums | BabyCenter

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