Toys/Educational CDs or items for 3 month old


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Hi mummies, my girl just turned 3 months old and she looks very active and observant of surroundings now. Wondering what toys I can buy for her or what educational cds/items that she can start on?


Hi lilcactus,

At 3 months I started my boy on "Your baby can read" DVD series.

If you read elsewhere in the forum, this DVD series has one version from UK and one from US. They have different spellings like colour VS color. So do note where the discs come from. Singapore is using UK standard English.


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I didn't buy any videos for my kids at this age. I bought audio CDs of songs/stories instead. We (or rather me! :001_302:) had fun singing and mimicking actions for bb to see.

Other stuff I bought were books, soft colourful toys suitable for bb (that means no small detachable parts, no buttons, or cords) to feel and hold, an activity gym.


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agree with camom. :)

Some suitable toys:
soft, colourful blocks
cloth books
baby gym
baby mirrors (my girl loved this and would stare at her reflections for a v long time when she was younger. Now she actually knows that the reflections in the mirrors belong to actual pple-she will look for me when my reflection is no longer in the mirror. :p)

Some suitable activities:
giving your bb a running commentary on what you are doing to her- mummy's cleaning your bum because you've just peed etc...
Play rhyming games like "Round and round the garden" or "Pat a cake"
Reading nursery rhymes and bb books together
Going out for walks etc.
Tummy time for bb- put bb on his tummy for a few minutes every day so as to strengthen his core muscles that will help him to sit up, crawl and eventually walk.

Enjoy your bb at this stage, cos he's starting to react to you, but isn't so mobile that you have to spend all your time chasing after him. :001_302:
i bought the vcds too.
by the way, usually by when will they know how to watch cartoons?
i thought of subscribing the cartoon network.


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My HB and I don't want our baby to be exposed to TV - be it dvds or otherwise - at such a young age for numerous reasons (part of it is that we don't want her to grow attached to the TV - playtime is a way for bonding for her and us not to mention for her to learn social skills like reading body language, speech and so forth - she isn't going to learn that from the TV as she cannot interact with the TV).

At 3 mths, I did the following:

- Took her outdoors - she loved being outdoors and looking at all sorts of things
- Put her in her play gym and bouncer; she would look at the lights, and toys and try to grab the rattle and soft toys
- Dangle things like rattles and such when she's next to me and lying down
- Sing nursery rhymes and some songs or let her listen to some music
- Dance with her - we have funny dances to some silly tune I'll make up at the mo and she finds it enjoyable!
- Tummy time (although she didn't quite like it)

...but it was the walks that did it for the both of us and after the trip to Bali where there was no TV and plenty of walks, she came back hitting a lot of her milestones! At least that's what my mother-in-law feels.

As for watching TV, paeds worldwide recommend no TV exposure to babies and toddlers below the age of 2 and minimal exposure for older children. Here are some links on TV and children:

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