Must Know Tips for New Mothers on Expressing Milk


To many mothers, getting a reliable pump is a good way to start breastfeeding. I can’t agree more because especially for first time mothers, having a good pump will ease your anxiety and build your confidence. After all, many learn by squeezing and pressing and hurrying the milk out because of your newborn is crying desperately for milk. Quite dramatic isn’t it?

If you are planning to express milk as a routine, be sure to pick up some essential tips below:

Sterilizing the Pump
Given that newborn have low immunity, any milk and feeding equipment need to be free from germs or bacteria so that it is safe for newborn consumption. That is why sterilizing becomes a necessity. Now, depending on the pump brand and model, some parts are washable and can be either microwave sterilized, boiled or steam sterilized. So be sure to refer to the maintenance instruction before you use the set for the first time. Word of caution, some parts of the pump cannot withstand high temperature can cause the parts to be unsafe for expressing milk for baby’s consumption.

To save your time and trouble, wash each time after use and sterilize before use. This will ensure the parts are at its cleanest condition. As baby grow, their immunity is built up, so it is only really necessary to sterilize the pump and bottles up to 6 months.

When you have got your pump sterilized, prepare warm towel clean your breast. The warm temperature may cause some milk to flow out. Next, massage your breast by using circular rubbing motion. You can also use your palm to shake your breast lightly to ease the flow of milk. If you are using a dual pump, you can complete expressing twice as fast. It is recommended that you only pump at 15 minutes to most. Over pumping will cause your tits to sore. Once you had done expressing, do not clean your breast at all. You will only need to leave the leftover traces of milk on your tits as it acts as natural moisturizer to your tits.

Breastfeeding tips from A-Z fromBreastfeeding Simply, Pink McKay, Internationally Certified Lactation Consultant

Justina Wang