Baby Gender Anxiety – When You Dont Want Nature To Take Its Course


The recent article ‘Gender Spenders’ on Straits Times speaks about Singaporean parents want-to-be travelling abroad to fulfill their dream of conceiving a baby gender of their choice. True enough; people of Chinese ancestry all over the world would desire to have a son to have an heir. On the flipside, some mothers of boy(s) find them too hard to handle and long to have a girl to tie ponytails and wear tutus on. Regardless of which baby gender you would dream of, conceiving can cause huge amount of anxiety. Let alone with some uninvited opinion from the no less anxious grandparents-to-be and nosy 8th floor neighbour.

Having said that, what can a Singaporean couple opt for if you do not want nature to take its course?
Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis
Whichever gender they prefer, it is not possible to conceive with baby gender of your choice via pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) in Singapore, as quoted in Straits Times.
PGD is a clinical procedure that is performed either on embryos before to implantation or oocytes before fertilization. PGD here can only be carried out under medical circumstances for e.g. for patient with high risk of thalassemia or haemophilia.
The trend is that hopeful parents are heading overseas to countries like Thailand or USA to go through PGD which enable them to select the gender of their baby. As expected, the cost of gender selection through PGD is a whooping 5-figure amount!
While it is costly, the results pay off by having close to 100 percent success rate. Also, the added advantage is that PGD is carried out with IVF treatment whereby embryos are screened for genetic disorders so that only desired embryos can be used in implantation.
The Good News Alternative – Prince or Princess?
When your pockets are not deep, you do not have ample savings and time to go through the PGD episode. You long to conceive naturally. After all, nobody likes to go through so much hassle to conceive with the baby gender of their choice. The good news is that there are proven success discovered that couples will need to learn and follow certain steps in order to conceive the baby gender of your choice.
Let’s go back to a little biology class. If you can recall, the chromosome X and Y sperm determines the gender of the baby. If chromosome X sperm fertilizes the female egg, then you will have a baby girl and while chromosome Y sperm will result in a baby boy. If you let nature takes its course, you have 50-50 chance of conceiving a boy or a girl.
Fast forward to today, notice that there are several controllable factors which you can work on to allow either chromosome X or Y sperm to fertilize the female egg. The controllable factors are such as ovulation date, sexual positions, ph level, diet, timing of intercourse and much more. The comprehensive 2-figure guide is found in Prince or Princess Guide.
This method is 94% proven and non-surgical and that is the main reason why not only Singaporean but couples from all over the world has been trying – with success!
Ancient Chinese Gender Chart
Yes, many of us had heard about this before. This chart was said to be found near an ancient royal tomb near Beijing 700 years ago. It has over 90% success rate. All you need to do is to time the age of conception of the mother-to-be. The best thing is that – it’s free! Refer chart of Ancient Chinese Gender Chart.
Justina Wang