Adoption: The Perfect Time?


Everyone has high hopes for a perfect life… From landing the perfect job to finding and marrying the perfect mate to choosing the perfect time to have a child. Everyone has “their perfect plan.” However, real life rarely matches our expectations of perfection. Sometimes things do go just as we hoped, but when they dont’t, we need to be prepared to alter not only our perfect plan, but also our expectations of what a perfect life means to us. Living life to the fullest means making adjustments along the way as we follow God’s plans. I see this often in regards couples and their plans to build a family.

Couples often realize at some point in their lives they want to share their love with a child, however they often seem to desire to hold off until the “perfect time.” They decide to begin their family after careers are established, bills paid off, the purchase of a dream home, or other conditions met or goals achieved. They work diligently to create the life they see as ideal, with no thought that each day they put off starting a family, they are getting a little older and conceiving may be a little more difficult. Often the “perfect time” arrives after days turn into months, and months into years, and they are beginning to feel the pressure of age in addition to the desire to become parents.

For many couples, one of the biggest blows to their “plan” happens when they find out that they cannot conceive a child naturally. They may explore fertility treatments, cry out to God, and explore their lives to confirm that a family is truly what they want. This is often when adoption becomes a real option for them. However, the issue that many face iswhen to make that adoption happen.

Adopting a child should not be dictated by some magical formula or moment. It should be directed by your desire to build your family because for many, that’s what life is about…personal growth for themselves and those that they love. This is especially true when it comes to the challenges and rewards of raising a child.
If you are at a point in your life when you no longer want to miss out on the many amazing opportunities that you could be having with a child of your own, you should begin the adoption process. You have so much to offer a child and that child, no doubt, will have just as much to offer you. Even though the time may not be absolutely perfect or your home may not be absolutely perfect, none of that will matter once your child is home.

To learn more about adoption, contactan adoption counselor to discuss your options and to get the process started today! Life is about living, learning, an experiencing. It’s also about love and sharing it. The lifetime that you will share with that child will be full of absolutely perfect moments and perfect love.

Chrystal Lee


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