Accepting a Child with Special Needs


Married couples who desire to have children of their own do not always get what they wished and prayed for. While some are able to have normal kids, the others are not as lucky as their child or children have special needs. The challenge for couples with special children is greater but this is not to say that they should easily give up. It is when kids with special needs are born into this world that a parent’s love and care for their children are put to the test.

For parents who had normal children in the previous years, it is understandable for them to feel a little regret, anger and frustration. There can also be some sort of denial in the initial phase. The level of frustration is usually greater for couples who expect, from the start of conception, a normal baby. For these people, it is initially hard to accept the fact that their child lags in development or has an illness with no immediate cure.

Moral support and guidance are what parents in this situation need and family therapists are one of the proper authorities that can help them handle the issue well through counseling sessions. No matter how hard it is to accept the reality, married couples should open their minds and communicate their thoughts and feelings. Although they can get support from each other, sometimes it isn’t enough and this is where a professional advice will be worth seeking.

By undergoing counseling with a family therapist, parents can discuss in detail about their fears and other anxieties. A counselor needs to know about what they’re feeling in order to come up with the right steps or guidelines towards managing their situation in the best way that they can. An open communication line is crucial not only between spouses but also between the parents and the family therapist.

Raising a special child can be stressful as they need constant attention and care. In terms of behavior, there can be major issues that have to be identified to help the parents cope with their child’s growing years.
It is a big help, though, for parents to have a positive attitude and not just easily be disappointed with their situation. Avoid fault finding as much as possible. Sometimes, parents are quick to blame their partner or their child for the difficult situation that they’re in but this is not healthy because it will only create further tension and cause more emotional stress to your child.

Praise is another important thing to give to a special child. By providing the positive words to your little one, you are giving inspiration as well to them. Avoid focusing always on their negative acts but rather teach them the right way to act and do things. And it’s been proven many times in various researches that when kids are inspired, improvements in their behavior and mental and motor skill development are not far behind.

So parents, be patient with your special child. Guide and raise them according them to the best moral values that you know and never hesitate to seek the help of a family therapist when necessary.

Chrystal Lee

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