3 Tips to Manage Stomach Flu


My son Zai came down with stomach flu which eventually lead to a seizure. I think its good that we learn some lessons from it. Putting it here to share with all and also to remind myself. Hopefully nobody needs to use this ever.

  • Give soy milk instead of normal milk when the kid suffers from diarrhea.
    My colleague actually told me before (not long ago) that her pediatrician advises her to give her kid soy milk when she had diarrhea. But I forgot about it. So we actually continued to give Zai normal milk (although diluted) during the initial period. I think it made his diarrhea worst. We only bought the soy milk formula when he was discharged from the hospital and my mum reminded me about it.
  • Dilute the milk
    If the kid refuses Soy, you can try diluting it. Should help the situation. And I learn from the GP, which we send Zai to last friday, that when the kids have phlegm its better to dilute the milk be it soy or normal as the milks will actually create the phlegm.
  • Re-hydrate
    When the kids suffers from diarrhea and vomiting, its very easy for them to get dehydrated. Hence its important to re-hydrate them. We gave him Ribenna and glucolin. Otherwise you can purchase Hydralyte from the pharmacy.

Jacqueline is a mother a lovely boy called Zai and a daughter nicknamed “Loi”. This article was shared when she blogged at 小不點看世界 about Zai’s stomach flu and seizure. She hopes that no parent will ever need to use this information, but believes that this will serve as a good reminder should the need arises again.