Mommy’s Got to Juggle With It


Motherhood is a juggling act. No doubt.

I accomplished much this weekend. Somewhere between the rhythm of work and leisure I was able to make things happen, and I mean that in a purely housewife-y sense. I find that it is better to just make a go of something — anything — as soon as the desire is felt. Better than putting it off for another day or a later hour, it is better to just attack as soon as you can. Procrastination becomes a heinous crime in motherhood and that of being a wife. Why did I say so? Because no one wants to have piles after piles of laundry, nor to be tossed back and forth from the grocery store to the payment center to the pediatrician’s clinic… Attack at first sight, I always say. But if procrastination is my game, better to just forget about marriage and motherhood. And this habit will be a big mountain to climb if I am ever planning to have a merry Christmas or any happy and smooth-running holidays for that matter.

As a working mom, I become a bit overwhelmed about all sorts of things, especially things at work, when I have a bunch of letters to write, paperwork to file, and be disappointed over the inefficiency of people. Add to that the fact that I have a very long and still-growing to-do list that I need to dispose of, and… I honestly did not know anymore where to start- all of these added to my noble tasks as a mother and wife. And when holidays are coming… Boom! It seems like beyond the brain and brawn can take. When Thanksgiving is winding out, it only means one thing: “Hello, Christmas!” Thus, on top of the gazillion chores that have to be done, there comes the never-ending list of tasks that aren’t only financially-exhausting, but mind you, tasks that demand to be met on time. So how do we keep up? Or for the right term, how CAN we keep up?

According to article “Time Management Tips for Busy Mums,” the best way to manage time is to analyze it. In the article, time management expert Molly Gold suggests mothers mark down or pay attention to how much time they spend on each task daily or what activity they do too much of. For example, if a mother constantly checks her email ten times a day, that is automatically wasting time and adds up to hours a week.

The solution is easy. If a mom is at home and her focus is her children, set designated times in the day to check and respond to email. Perhaps once in the morning and once after the kids go to bed.

However, if email is the mother’s livelihood i.e. she works from home or her job absolutely requires her to answer emails immediately in the work time frame then it may be best to purchase a Blackberry or other type of PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). This way, mothers will be alerted immediately and respond quickly. Having a PDA also eliminates the extra time wasted on turning on the computer, logging into the email account, a slow Internet connection, etc.

Another great strategy for busy moms is to incorporate a calendar into their daily life. Start by writing down the big events that are of great significance such as kids’ birthdays, kids’ school events, exams (if the mother also is a student), big project due dates at work, work events, etc.

Step back and see how the calendar looks for the upcoming month. Are there events that just aren’t necessary? For example, does the child really have to go to her/his fourth birthday party in a six-week period? If not then politely decline and send a gift. Then plan a fun, relaxing day with the family. Plan a picnic, go to the zoo, take a nature walk, etc.

Examine the calendar again. Is the mother receiving enough time for herself? It’s essential for a busy mom to relax and unwind in the manner she chooses. Some mothers like to spend an afternoon by themselves reading in a quiet house. Other moms enjoy going out for dinner and drinks with friends in their downtime. Whatever relaxes and -stresses mom, she should do it.

Busy moms can wear many different hats as long as they manage time wisely. And as long as they allow time for themselves, especially to avoid mom burnout. Mothers should utilize the aforementioned strategies in order to be the most productive mom possible.

And that is the way life goes for all of us mothers, wives, daughters, friends, career-women and all that jazz. We shall continue to do as we do: plan and dream and write letters and file papers, and run errands, in between seeking reprieve from the comforting presence of the people in our lives- people who always keep us sane despite the gazillion tasks at hand, the people who make us enjoy the juggling act. Tips on Time Management Skills for Mothers