It’s Sunny, Let Me Breastfeed My Baby!


I know, I know… Some may fret upon seeing the title of this article and might have actually said that I am out of my mind, saying that breastfeeding is a walk in the park, an all-glorious feeling.

I am exclusively breastfeeding my two-month old daughter Sophia. And the experience is totally outrageous if not overwhelming beyond words. It gives you the chance to bond with your child that noone else has.Feeling so close and knowing that your child utterly depends on you, that growing need gives you the purpose why you are alive. So, you are probably a new mom, or a mom of 1 or a dozen of kids… but you know that breastfeeding can sometimes bring tremendous fear and ache. Uhuh, that your maternal instinct can be outweighed by the darting pain when your baby starts to latch. Do you want to know how it feels? Here’s how: Imagine your nipple being dipped in a chili sauce with cayenne, jalapeno and habanero combined (not as if I already experienced that, but I can only imagine). The outer layer skin of your nipples is stripped off, baring flesh that has all the sensory nerves that even just a passing of wind can literally hurt you like hell. Some of you who cursed breastfeeding at one point or another know what I am talking about. Or at least that’s how I felt last time my baby latched on me. But then again, we go back to being mothers who love our child unconditionally. Yes, despite that sharp pang, we feed them, we provide.

We all know that proper latching is the best way to minimize pain from breastfeeding. But why is it that although we know, there are times that breastfeeding looks like the scariest thing to do? Because it hurts. And why does it hurt? Because we dont’t understand how proper latching on works. So, to help each and everyone, I found this awesome video in youtube that intricately shows how the process is done and how it actually works! Just sit back, relax while holding that little bundle of joy in your arms.

Keep well.


  1. This is very true! Of course, except from the health benefits of breastfeeding for both mom and child, it indeed strengthens the bond between them. I remember when I have to give up from breastfeeding because of health reasons, and I no longer produce enough milk for my youngest, my husband and I had a hard time training her to bottlefeed. It took us 7 months to do it! Now she’s 3, and I’m missing those times when I’m her only source of food. When I used to hold her hand and looked at her while she fell asleep after latching on. Okay. Enough! :001_302: Now, she barely even touch my breasts! Aww! I’m really missing it!

    Enjoy breastfeeding and motherhood!
    Stay fabulous mommies!