Toddler & preschooler toys that teach


Engage your curious toddler or preschooler’s imagination with these toys.

Toys to consider

  • Puzzles

To develop eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills

  • Imaginative play

What fun to putter in a play kitchen or push a miniature train around a track

  • Push-and-pull toys

Classic playthings that encourage toddlers to practice balance and coordination

  • Dolls that teach

A fun way for kids to learn skills like snapping, buttoning, and zipping

  • Blocks and building sets

Toys to spark the imagination while developing fine motor skills

  • Musical toys

Instruments and melody-making toys encourage a love of music

  • Arts and crafts

Crayons, paints, easels, stickers, and more to inspire creative fun

  • Activity books

Kids learn about their world by exploring these soft, hands-on books

  • Electronic learning toys

Interactive playthings that teach everything from ABCs to colors and counting


Expecting again? It’s not easy for young kids to understand the idea of a brother or sister on the way. Presenting your child with a baby doll is great preparation for the big event.

Sharing is hard for young children. To avoid meltdowns during playdates, put away the toys your child is most attached to until the guests leave.
Too many toys can be overwhelming. Rotate the selection of toys available to your toddler or preschooler.