Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Father’s Day is heading towards us real quick. On June 15, as much as Daddy may want to keep the celebration “plain” or unflashy, we would still want to make the man of our lives feel really special. Because, come on, he deserves it, right? But the big question is: HOW?

The key to determine the gift that will fit is to know Daddy’s personality or hobby as this could be your gateway to decide what you could give him. Here are 8 ways to surprise Daddy:

1. If Daddy is a sports fanatic, you can give him a jersey of his favorite team. Er, tomorrow, it’s game 4 of NBA finals, so be sure to know which team he’s on and decide whether to give him a Heat or Spurs shirt! Also, if he loves soccer, hello?!? A World Cup jersey should be on top of your list! That’s a surefire way to make him feel adored.

2. Daddy is a big traveler? It’s time to give him a travel kit where he can always place his fave razor. Everything in one place; grab and go! Or, why not treat him a getaway? He won’t resist it for sure.

3. An apron for a chef-dad is also an awesome treat! Just make sure that the color is not too feminine, ha-ha or he will mistaken it for mum’s. To personalise, you can customise the print on his apron and put a label like, “World’s Best Chef…er, Dad!” It would be very cute, right?

4. If Daddy loves everything about technology, you can purchase phone apps that he can definitely use. OR, if you’ve saved up for Father’s Day, buy him a gadget! Hello, S5?

5. Daddy loves to eat? It’s time to treat him out to his favorite restaurant. Well, that may be the first thing that will come to mind, BUT, since it is his’ day, why not cook his favorite delicacies? Make him breakfast, lunch and dinner- and let’s see if he won’t smile from ear-to-ear… Serve the king all day!

6. Of course, nothing beats a gift that you make. (Talking about time and effort!) You can definitely refer to the ever-reliable Pinterest to find unique DIY gifts for Dad. The point is, your gift doesn’t need to be extravagant and expensive. Lavish, if you can, but by deliberately making a gift for Daddy, you will surely bring him a smile.

7. Daddy is a workaholic? Give him the best.relaxation.ever: A massage can be a hit! You can treat him to a spa, or Mum, you can massage him, yourself.

8. What about a gym rat or an exercise nut Daddy? Get him a practical carry-all bag where he can put all of his stuff.

Again, Dad might insist not to spend money on a Father’s Day gift for him, but there’s no reason why he cannot be pampered in the way he deserves. Gifts may be a DIY or not, expensive, tedious to make, or simple to get, but it really doesn’t matter. All you have to remember is that on Sunday, June 15, Daddy is number 1, thus give him the adoration that he is worthy of. AND, aside from the gifts/treat, never forget to shower him hugs and kisses, alright?

Happy Father’s Day to our awesome Dads! <3

“MummySG, where every DAD is awesome!”

Image1 courtesy: nuttakit / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image2 courtesy: David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net