Is It Safe to Have a Hair Rebonding Treatment While Breastfeeding?


“Is It safe to have a hair rebonding treatment while breastfeeding?”This is one of the most common questions mothers ask not only in our community, but almost in all forums. The problem is when we would get opposing ideas about it. Some would say, it is okay, while there are some mums who would say, it’s better not to have that treatment than to be sorry.

As a mum who just gave birth, and a breastfeeding one at that, although we would want to be back to our old, very chic-looking self again, there are things we would like to consider first before having. The safety not only of ourselves, but of our babies is our topmost priority. So, yes, we may want that glossy mane all over again but let’s see how it goes now that we are mothers. Let’s take a look at one of the most common hair treatments for women, i.e., hair rebonding:

Hair Rebonding

Although this is already a common knowledge to many, to those who are not familiar with this hair treatment, let’s give you a brief definition of what this is, and what it entails. Hair rebonding is a straightening technique as it changes your unruling wavy locks to look straight, vibrant, shiny and sleek. Why many women love it is because there is no need to blow dry or iron your hair every time. Imagine stepping out of your shower, let your hair go for an air dry, and voila, it is the glossy, straight mane you’d always wanted! No problem, all is oh-so-good, right? But the reason why some women are hesitant to get this treatment is because of the process it entails. Basically, hair rebonding is breaking down the structure of your hair and restructuring it. It means putting relaxant or a cream softener, keratin, and neutraliser onto your hair in one treatment.

So let’s go back to the question: Is it safe to have a hair rebonding treatment while breastfeeding? The answer is, YES!

According to the Breastfeeding Rockstar, Dr. Jack Newman, a leading lactation consultant, on his Facebook post:

If there were enough of the hair colour that entered your blood stream that it was a danger for the baby, it would be a much greater danger for you because the baby would get only a tiny percentage of what you would get. Whoever gives out this information doesn’t know what they are talking about, or they are just covering their bottoms, or there is a real danger in which case nobody should be colouring their hair because it is a danger to them, whether they are pregnant, breastfeeding or neither. But it is extremely unlikely that any of the colouring would be absorbed by the mother into her blood stream.”

To validate his answer, here’s a video during his symposium:

So mums, there’s no need to get that slight twinge. Hair rebonding is safe for you, even if you are breastfeeding. So get up now and go to your nearest hair salon!

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