5 Different Breastfeeding Positions


Though volumes can (and have) been written on breastfeeding tips and techniques, there are four basic positions that will get you started when learning your way around nursing.

1. Cross-cradle hold

For novice nursers, the cross-cradle hold is an easy position to master. Use one hand to hold your breast for support while your other hand holds baby up to the nipple. Use a pillow for height assistance if needed.

2. Cradle hold

This is the most commonly depicted position in pictures and media, and it’s the one you probably imagined using before having a baby. For correct alignment, lay baby on his side, with his stomach to your stomach. Cradle him across your lap, using a pillow if necessary to raise baby to nipple height.

3. Football or clutch hold

C-section mom may appreciate the clutch or football hold, since it keeps baby away from her still-healing abdominal scar. To assume this position, place a pillow next to you and cradle your baby facing up. Tuck baby’s feet under your arm and support his head and neck with your hand while lifting him to your breast.

4. Side-lying position

Another great choice for moms recovering from a C-section is the side-lying position. Both you and baby should lie on your sides, baby’s nose in line with your nipple. Use a rolled up blanket or towel to support baby’s back, or simply cradle your arm behind baby as he nurses, using your other hand to support your breast.

5. Laid-back position
Laid-back breastfeeding, or Biological Nurturing, means getting comfortable with your baby and encouraging your own and your baby’s natural breastfeeding instincts.

Dress yourself and your baby as you choose.Find a bed or couch where you can lean back and be well supported— not flat, but comfortably leaning back so that when you put your baby on
your chest, gravity will keep him in position with his body molded to yours.
Have your head and shoulders well supported. Let your baby’s whole front touch your whole front.
Since you’re leaning back, you dont’t have a lap, so your baby can rest on you in any position you like. Just make sure her whole front is against you.
Let your baby’s cheek rest somewhere near your bare breast.
Help her as much as you like; help her do what she’s trying to do. You’re a team.
Hold your breast or not, as you like.
Relax and enjoy each other.

How about you, Mums? What is you and your baby’s favorite breastfeeding position? SHARE with us!

This article is originally written by Rachel Reiff Ellis for Pregnancy&newborn
Images Source: Leche League International