10 Awesome Household Items You Can Repurpose For Your Kids


    Turn your old stuff into your kid’s greatest treasure. What a great way to show how to save and to recycle!

    1. A phone book changes into a cool pen and pencil holder.

    2. A shoe holder makes a perfect car organizer.

    3. A garden basket doubles as toy storage.

    4. A suitcase turns into a quaint dollhouse.

    5. A spice rack makes a great shelf for kids’ books.

    6. A dress shirt DIYs into an adorable baby dress.

    7. A soap dispenser transforms into a water balloon pump.

    8. An entertainment center DIYs into an epic play kitchen.

    9. A collared shirt adapts into a stylish baby bib.

    10. An entertainment center modifies into a dress up closet.

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    This article is originally published on Buzzfeed.com