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  • Tykes Playhouse @ Fairway Club offers a 3-hour Montessori Kindergarten Program either in the morning or afternoon from Mondays to Fridays.

    The 3 hours encompasses various aspects such as Language, Mathematics, Cultural, Chinese, Science, Thematic, Creative Art & Speech and Drama. Children gain a holistic learning experience and develop both academic and abstract ability.

    Our programme also serves as a long-term education progress rather than just a touch and go kind of Enrichment. You, as parents, will be able to witness their readiness to transit to Primary Education towards the end of their K2 level learning experience.*

    Small class size so children will have adequate one-to-one session with teachers.

    Feel free to contact us @ 92443791 to know more or find us on Facebook.
    I bought them from the organic shops, once at west coast n another time at pasir panjang. U can get them from most big organic shops
    Hi Candy,

    I chanced upon you entry re wolfberry and I am hoping that you could share with me where you bought your the organic wolfberry?

    Thank you and Cheers,

    Sharon Limb
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