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    Knee and Joint Pain? NDP Offer till end August 2013 only!

    "I have been practising the strengthing exercise for the legs for the past one week. It is effective and it seems that the pain is lesser and sometimes no pain".. Cheng Neo who only practise a small part of this program for only a week and results show :-) Immediately after practising...
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    is there anyway I can know if he is having affiars outside ? : ( ...............

    is it only one particular caller only? if u really suspect, may be talk to him. Personally I think better than suspecting and doing all the checking yet can't confirm, stress and upset yourself.
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    special Teacher's Day gift :-D

    Teacher's day is round the corner. Tired of shopping for something new for your children's teachers'? Or want to get something different (e.g. NOT pen, book, mug, card...) and useful for the teachers? Check this Refresh Formula! Special formulated with plant based oil and pure essential oil...
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    Grab this $48 discount vouncher and special workshop price!

    Happy Birthday, Singapore! To celebrate this special event, attend this all time favourite workshop - LOHAS Meridian Self Therapy Program and/or Ultimate Slimming Workshop (twin registration only) at a discount of $48! Or attend the new and effective Knee and Joint Pain class at only $48...
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    Healthy Bone and Joints? Start with these meridians....

    LOHAS DIGEST 43 Healthy Bone and Joints? Start with these meridians.... .....One of them is regarding the knee pain for somebody who is above 70 years old. Coincidentally, one of our younger participants in LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy Program also having knee pain. Obviously, knee pain is not...
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    How to set your own Autopilot Slimming Program according to your lifestyle?

    “My old belief was slimming and weight lost means control my food, eat more vegetable and exercise 3 times a week. However, I tried those methods many times and it showed very little results and NOT SUSTAINABLE. That’s why I put on 1 or 2 kg every year I get older. My excuses were I was busy...
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    LOHAS Meridian Self Therapy Basic class

    LOHAS Meridian Self Therapy Basic class for tomorrow is confirmed. More info Lohas Meridian Self Therapy Basic : Beacon LOHAS Website Date: 25 May 2013 (Saturday) Time: 2:30PM – 5:00PM Venue: Beacon LOHAS Training Centre Fee: $45 per pax (workshop material and a bottle of Refresh Formula)...
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    Upcoming Autopilot Slimming Program Intensive Workshop (9, 16 & 23 March 2013)

    "I am so happy. I attended the first lesson and applied the techniques I learnt, and realised the top that I can only button the last button, now I can button up all the buttons. After attending the second lessons, applied the techniques and I found out I lost 3.5kg! My clothes are getting...
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    Selling Very Good Condition White Samsung Galaxy Ace (Warranty unfilled)

    Selling a very good condition (no scratches, no dent) White Samsung Galaxy Ace for $130 only (Warranty unfilled). Selling cos company giving another phone soon. Interested, please sms 90662770. Thank you. More info at
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    Upcoming Autopilot Slimming Program Intensive Workshop (9, 16 & 23 March 2013)

    ” In the past, I spent thousands of dollars on slimming supplement and gym packages with stringent diet. However, the resulst were NOT SUSTAINABLE. I was fustratated and it affected my confidence. After enroling into the Ultimate Slimming Program & coaching, I lost 1.7kg in 2 weeks without any...
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    Hypertension care and Meridian Self-Therapy (21 July 2012)

    Anyone interested? My fren organising this workshop... its a workshop, not a talk. So it means there will some hands-on or practical session... check this out :wong19: ******************************************** Dear friends, Do you have friends & family members who have hypertension...
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    Bed Bugs!!

    There is someone who shared her experience dealing with bugs... can check out here
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    Learn Ancient Therapy for the Modern Living

    ​Hi all mummy n daddy, my friend will be conducting this workshop this sunday.... Anyone interested to go? :001_302: ​Highly recommended by those who have attended LOHAS Meridian Self -Therapy ~ Beyond meridian massage ~ Ancient Therapy for the Modern Living In our modern lifestyle...
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    Any recipe for darkening hair and strengthing kidney?

    Is there any particular reason for doing so? You may check out this link... they conduct workshop on how to eat and do simple exercise to strengthen our body :001_302: Meridian Health & Massage Workshops (Public) | Meridian Massage Workshops Beacon LOHAS Website - Home
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    Happier and Healthier year 2012 - Learn a simple exercise routine with your child

    Dear Mummies n Daddies My fren will be teaching a simple exercise routine this saturday. I have learnt and get my children involved to do the simple exercise routine for better health eg better immune system, lesser cold and cough etc... Information as follows:- Dear friends, If...