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  • Hi! [/FONT] [/B]
    I am selling off my 4mth old Maclaren Twin Techno. [/FONT][/B]
    It is practically brand new but sadly we have to give this up. [/FONT][/B]

    Seached hi-lo for an all black version, this looks sleek, stylish and with effortless handling. Great for twins and families with 2 small children (like us!).[/FONT]]Comes with original rain cover, foot muffs and head paddings.[/FONT][/B]

    2010 model and with original reciept for warranty.[/FONT][/B]
    Viewing & self-collection in Tampines.[/B][/FONT]
    Selling @ $500.[/B][/FONT]
    Pictures upon request. Thanks.[/B][/FONT]
    Calling out to APPLE lovers!

    I am selling off my brand new 27" IMac (2011 edition) at a steal price of $2400 (non-negotiable). This shall include an Apple care protection plan (3yrs extended warranty) and an upgraded RAM size of 8GB.

    Its a steal, as we just bought the IMac in June 2011 (in very mint condition) :)
    p/s: We are selling off this awesome PC because we are upgrading!
    The agent's name is Jeffrey, mobile number is 90291540. Inital cost I forgot already, but let him know Jenny (of twin mum in Bishan) introduced u. Can negotiate with him to let u pay back the maid's loan over 7-8 months, if not most agent will expect u to pay upfront, but don't tell him I told u that ah! hahaha...
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