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  • hi mrsred! I had to tell myself to preserver so that life would be easier. I comfort my child and bluffed him using milk bottles and than try to latch or with a pacifier. the next day he sort if got the idea. but still wanted the bottle. I stand up and fed him to rock him to sleep and drink. (I heard that was the easiest way to train when they were sleeping) and I stand up and feed my boy for every feed for 2weeks. when I sit down he woke up and started screaming. I was terrified. but then I play some songs for him and he got used to latching. if he was awake I will try to entertain him and play with him. till now I'm proud to say he is fully latched ! no bottle no fm. all the best mrsred!
    Hi jojoai!

    I saw ur reply on the breastfeeding thread and was very inspired/comforted! I have short nipples too and baby doesnt wanna latch. Can u share how u managed to latch after feeding EBM for 3 months??
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