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    weight loss after giving birth

    Well I also agree that Its depends on individual and also age plays a part. If you are a young mummy, not a problem to back back pre-preggie size within a short period of time. So you can do light exercise and also take diet food after few days.
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    eyebags / dark circle.

    Well Few months ago I had same problem of this dark circles then after I use Artistry Replenishing Eye Cream. I would recommend Artistry Replenishing Eye Creme which after using it, will show significant and continual improvement in the appearance of dark circles its really work.
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    eye care product

    Well This is eyes matter so you must be take care about this I recommended I had been using artistry eye cream for about few years it's really good and its really work so If you can use this.
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    Baby Eyes

    Well This is really bad But I would suggest to wait for 3-4 days more. And after few days If these same situations then take him to the doctor where he born, I think that doctor will advice you better.