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  • Hi to all who have messaged me before and I had not replied.
    Sorry about this as I have not log on to this forum for quite a while.
    You may send me a private message instead so that I will be notified via email.

    As for my mum's friend maid agency, she is not as reliable as before, therefore I have decided not to continue to promote her. However, I have recently accompanied a friend to this maid agency call "Swift Employment Agency" which is located at Far East Plaza level 5. From what I observed, I felt that the agency is quite reliable, perhaps you may like to try them out.
    Hi Mich,

    I am in need of a maid now, am looking for a trustworthy and not so bad one. Can you let me know your mum's friend agency name so i could look her up. And btw, which nationality is your maid from? Thank you.
    Hi Imperial Concubine, can i have the contacts to your maid agency?
    I will be delivering in June and I am thinking of getting my current maid to help with taking care of the baby as she has been with us for 5 years and employ a new maid to do the housework. I am not comfortable getting a Confinement lady. Do you think that will be a wise choice? The current maid only has experience with 3 months old baby and not newborn.
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