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    Any recommend baby oil for new born

    ehem... sorry to revive old post. but i used minyak telon. it keeps baby warm on the tummy and back, i actually put on legs and arms too. that's what we use on newborns. there's a shop in Parkway Parade level 3, Indonesian Jamu Massage (I think) that sell these, or Joo Chiat Community Center...
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    So bored. Make new friends !

    Sounds interesting! Where's the venue!
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    Playgroup with daddies

    That's very sweet of u Roger. I hope the event was a success~
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    I am new and would like to check for recommendation

    hey Micowl, have u gotten ur stroller yet? I got 2 strollers to sell if you want?
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    Hey Jassmine, Are you still in Katong Area?

    Hey Jassmine, Are you still in Katong Area?
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    Member's HOME Location

    Nine Allexis - Katong/Marine Parade here!
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    Hello~ Let's be friends!

    Hello mummies, I'm Yoke, I'm a SAHM at Katong area, with a 2yo toddler who just started preschool. Looking forward to making new friends here, chill out, hang out! If you are around my area, let's set up a play date~