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  • Hi shadeypink,

    Wow, I didn't expect to receive a msg from this forum :)
    my gynae told me that I had the condition when I went for my 1st appt.. I'm alrdy in my 14th week now and still going fine.. Did not get any negative news from him gynae as though it sounds weird and unheard of, but its relatively common in the medical point of view.. He assured me everything will be fine :)

    my 1st trimester scan went all well and baby is active and kicking ^_^
    don't worry so much as I'm pretty sure we are not the only 2 person with such condition...

    My uterus is also more tilted to the back hence even harder to locate it... But give your some time and you will eventually be able to see more of your baby in due course :)

    Stay in touch yeah!!! Feel free to ask me anything you wan to know and I'll try my best to answer you as far as I can...

    take care and enjoy your journey!!
    Hi there! i hope u are doing good :)I was surfing through the forum and i read that you found out u have a bicornuate uterus. I have one too and ure the first singaporean i met that has one too. I had the same prob as u when my gynae first scanned, it was hard to locate my sac. How has the experience been so far and has ur gynae sshared anything with u with regards to ur condition? im 6 wks pregnant with #1. Wld really really love to hear ur experiences thus far!
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