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  • Hi Phoebii,
    I saw ur message on ur pediatrician at Siglap.could u advise on his/her name and number, as well as the name of the clinic or location, pls? We would like to find one close to our place (kembangan) and also a good and dedicated one, as currently we feel like going to a factory, where the wait can take hours, n d consultation is like rushing in n out then pay. Not very caring. Tks in advance, plum
    Hi there!

    if u are keen to find out the benefits of sheep placenta, i can mail you fyi.

    as i am representative supplier to beauty salons in sg supplying sheep placenta capsule.


    Saw one of your earlier posts abt a PD in siglap area. Can I have the clinic's number pls. Do u still go to the same PD for your child?

    I've been looking for a patient, caring PD for many months in kembangan eunis area but to no avail. :(

    Thanks in advance!
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