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    MummySG Members' Blogs

    What happened to this website?
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    piano or violin?

    Buy him a toy piano and violin and let him choose which will he prefer.
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    There's something wrong with my husband

    Hello mommies I'm not sure if it's okay to ask about it. It's kind of embarrassing for me, but here it goes. I am happily married to my husband and we have cheerful and fun-loving kids. I don't think there's something I could ask for. I'm happy with my family. However, I somehow noticed some...
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    Eczema!! Please!!!

    Great idea to go dermatologist or something like that
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    Nebulizer for cough & phlegm?

    yes it works well. :)
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    MummySG Members' Blogs

    This is great. I can read blogs and learn from it at the same time. Cheers to all mommies :)
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    I found this babysitter agency ad on Instagram, wonder if can trust ?

    I don't usually trust ads on the internet. How about trying a personal recommendation from friends?
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    The best place to get baby items?

    I guess start your search at baby hypermart
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    Which brand of pram/stroller is good?

    i strongly agree with you apollo.
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    Working mom of 3 children

    Yep! for sure! :D
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    Working mom of 3 children

    I got your PM, and the group sounds interesting. I also read from this site (Betterhelp) different ways to cope up with my stress and anxiety.
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    Working mom of 3 children

    I am ready to hear it out; I want to make up with them. I will be waiting for your reply.
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    Working mom of 3 children

    Hello, @elusivescorp thank you for the reply. I am not usually spending time with my kids during the weekend especially if I have deadlines to catch up. A note on their book is a good idea; I will try it out. I am planning to take them somewhere when I can make a leave. Where will be the best place?
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    Working mom of 3 children

    Having three children is hard especially when you're a working mom. I am afraid that they will feel unloved because I have no time for them. What can I do?
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    Technology and your eyes

    How do you protect your eyes from everyday usage of electronics and technology?