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  • so sorry for d late reply. didnt get any notification on ur msg.

    i'm sure ur son hv recovered by now. we went to another PD again n we realised it's due to d new food my MIL gave my son. she cooked porridge w pork bones which is too oily for my son's stomach to take. n cos of dat, he got diarrhea.

    we jus kept feeding him med n controlling d amt of oil in his food.

    i think he took a month more or less to recover. cant really recall alr.
    Hi SH74,

    I read that your son had diarrhea before and you have seen 2 ped and they simply tell you that he had diarrhea coz of him putting his fingers into his mouth.

    My son also the same thing and also seen 2 ped, they both told me the same thing. Haiz...
    My son has been having diarrhea almost 2 weeks. We have already changed his milk to soy milk but it din really helped.

    Can you advise me what did you did to help your son on his diarrhea? How long it takes for him to recover?
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