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  • Hi, can I check with u with regards to meetoh... is it really a gd school as mentioned by others?
    Hi Stonston
    I am a mother to a dyslexic child in P2. I am having difficulties teaching my boy. I am lost and do not know how I can coach him. I chanced upon your posting that you teach dyslexic children. Are you able to take in another student? or do you know of any other tutors who are trained to teach dyslexic children?
    Hi stonston, sry do u know any tutor that teach P4 student in Sengkang? For all 4 subjects. Son is slow in maths n really poor in Chinese. I am feelings sad with my current tutor, do u know anyone? Tks
    Hi Stonson,

    I stumbled onto a post where you mentioned abt baby belling. I'm wondering if you know where can purchase baby belling oven as I've been searching from last year but somehow in SG cant find. really really appreciate if you can help..thank you!
    Hi Stonston,

    Just want to check with you if there is any supplement for my 11months old gal. Since birth she cannot sleep under aircon she tends to has nose block. Anything to help to improve on her appetite b'cos she drinks and eat very little.
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