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  • in order to remove natural father's name, your friend will need to hire a lawyer to do this. It will need the natural's father to consent of stripping him of all his natural father's rights and also please take note, mcys will be notified and your friend and the father will have to agree mutually. It will not be a very simple legal case as it concern a minor. if your friend's looking to divorce him legally (since they are ROMed), it will be good for her to remove his rights at the same time in order to retain her sole custody's rights over the child.

    I need to know hows the process like for removing the real birth fathers name from a child's bc?

    My friends husband has abandon my friend while she was pregnant but they both had ROM. Thereafter he went in prison & even doubt the.childs DNA w/h came out to be matchin with the father. Now the estranged husband has made another woman pregnant & doesnt even care of my friends child.

    Very sad thing to see & hear.
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