indonesian maids

  1. A

    Black list nannies/helpers fb page

    just a quick thought after seeing tons of warning posts not to hire those blacklisted nannies.. do you think it’ll be worth it if i create a private fb group listed all those blacklisted in one place(and detailing bad experiences). So it ll be easier for mommies to come and do a little check...
  2. M

    Getting Indonesian Maid without Agency

    Dear all mummies, Anyone tried to get an indonesian maid without the agency before? I am in the midst of it now!!! Now that my maid is here, i have 14 days to clear her medical checkup and apply the work permit for her. Feel so stressful!
  3. M

    Singapore Foreign maids

    Foreign maids snubbing Singapore - Yahoo! By Seah Chiang Nee Kuala Lumpur (The Star/ANN) - The new generation of Indonesian and Filipina maids, who are better educated and have a higher expectation of life, prefer to work in Hong Kong and Taiwan as their take-home pay is much higher due...
  4. inayellowbox

    Any good Maid Agencies to recommend/ Any good Indonesian Maid for transfer?

    Hi, I am looking for reliable maid agencies (preferable those dealing with Indonesian Maids) for babycare and general house-cleaning. I am a mummy of an 11-mth baby and going to expect another baby in Mar 2011. Would also like to know if there is any good indonesian maids that would like...