1-Day Piano Adventure with Kawai Music School Elite


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ABOUT Kawai Music School - Elite

KMS Elite aim to provide the BEST possible environment for pianoforte to unlock the musical talent of earnest piano learners who have basic goundings. KMS students will have opportunities for Stage Performances, Ensemble Playing, Masterclasses, Overseas Music Camp and Concert outings. Moreover, we focus on talent building by conducting weekly piano lesson in a Two pianos Studio and Group theory class.

CAMP Objectives

To provide an opportunity for those who would like to know more about KMS Elite to sit in and join KMS Elite students for 1-day camp.
To provide a memorable, fun-filled & holistic holiday camp for earnest piano learners!

For Who?

For students ages 5 – 9 who have at least (learning) grade 1 piano.
Students who are interested in music and who want to learn more.
Who like to know more about KMS Elite program.

Participation Fees

Active (with performance opportunities during the camp) - $45 [limited slots!]
Passive (without perofrmance opportunities during the camp) - $20
Chinese Swimming Club (CSC) members – 10% off.
Free for Elite students.

* Notes: Passive participants are entitled to participate in all camp activities except piano performance. Fees inclusive of lunch & snacks.

CAMP Activities

Masterclass - Students are encouraged to perform a piece that they have been learning. Through this, they can observe, motivate and learn from one another. A certain topic of musical knowledge will also be discussed during the masterclass session. Students are advised to read their handouts before coming to masterclass. We believe that learning is an endless journey and is much more enjoyable to share it with other music friends.

Theory & Aural session - Playing music could not be separated from knowing the theory behind it. Not only do we need to know how to play the music, we also need to know how to produce a pleasant sound by training our ears. In this session, we will guide the students to know better the basic of music theory as well as the fundamental knowledge of aural training.
Music games - Participants will get to know each other though some fun-filled ice breaker music games!
Mini Recital - After a whole day of experiencing music in different ways, we look forward to sit down and enjoy a musical performance. Active participants will get the opportunity to perform not only to their music friends but also to their families and relatives.
KMS Elite program introduction - The head of piano department at KMS Elite will do a short introduction on KMS Elite program.
Christmas gift exchange session - Gift exchange will be our last item to wrap up our whole day camp with excitement!


9.30 Opening Ceremony & Music Games
10.00 Masterclass
12.00 Lunch
1.00 Theory & Aural session
2.30 Masterclass
4.30 Closing Ceremoy – Mini Recital, Elite Introduction, Q&A and Gift exchange!

Contact us at elite@kawaims.com for more info or clarifications.