6 in 1 vaccination

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  1. ytlammm

    ytlammm New Member

    Where do you bring your baby for 6 in 1 jab ?
    What are the things to prepare the baby for this jab ?
  2. himawari

    himawari Member

    I go to my pd at tmc. Nothing to prepare i guess, unless your baby unwell can always arrange other day when they are well.
  3. -SRI-

    -SRI- Member

    hmmm.. the 6 in 1 vaccination covers wat for the bb? when it is given n hw much? in poly cheaper?
  4. IdaArshad

    IdaArshad New Member

    poly dun have 6 in 1.. poly have 5 in 1.. $87.50- can pay thru cda.. 6 in 1 very expensive for me in tmc.. so decided not to lah.. unless u r not on any budget can get jabs frm tmc...
  5. queenroman

    queenroman Member

    in june, when i sent my bb for medical checkup at poly, they offers me 6 in 1 jab OR 5 in 1 jab for bb 3rd mth.. can any1 tells me if 5 in 1 jab is sufficient for my bb? or shd i jus go ahead w d 6 in 1? tks
  6. june83

    june83 Member

    Hi , my baby is taking 6 in 1 at the polyclinic. Actually both is the same as only 6 in 1 you hv 1 less injection then 5 in 1 and also cost abit more for 6 in 1.
  7. june83

    june83 Member

    Yes, polyclinic have 6 in 1. It cost about $330
  8. eyktay

    eyktay New Member

    $330 can also pay thru CDA at poly?

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