Announcing the arrival of Baby Rizzal ~ 05.05.11 ~


Hello mummies & daddies..

Sorry for the late post..Though i still would love to share the birth of my second son Norizzal on 05.05.2011...!!

We decided to opt for an elective caesarean on that day with the advise of my gynae Dr.Paul Tseng..During my 38th plus week check-up,baby's weight was already estimated to be almost 4kg..

Reached Thomson Medical Centre at 5.30am on the morning of 5th May..Was checked into my single-bedded room and was told to put on my hospital gown..Pushed to the operating theatre at 8am..Catherer was inserted and spinal epidural administered at 8.30am..Hubby was allowed into the theater a while later and at 8.50am...We welcomed the birth of our second son..!!

He weighs a hefty 4.03kg and is 50cm long..!!

Thank you for all your prayers and well-wishes...!!!



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