Any good/bad feedback on shichida method to share?


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Hi mummies,

I'm planning to register my daughter with shichida method, meanwhile would like to hear your experiences with shichida before i decided to go ahead. :)

Thanks in advance! :001_302:

I have excess blank flash cards 350gsm.
Letting go 100 pcs per set at $8. I think Shichida is letting go at $11 per set.
Pick up. Let me know if interested.


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My child is responding very well in SHichida classes. Very happy with the classes. The only problem Shichida do not provided much materials to teach my child at home. And their Tensei home practice materials are very expensive and I have to make my own flashcards at home. Just recently joined as my resource of Shichida materials to practice at home.
Other than that, I am happy with sending my child to Shichida.