Any Good Recommendation for tuition centre near Jurong West St 65

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  1. kkme

    kkme New Member

    Hi, I would like to know is there any good and at affordable rates tuition centre or small group home tuition near Jurong West St 65?
  2. Smurfete

    Smurfete Member

  3. Hi,

    if you are interested in 1-on-1 home tuition service, do drop me a call at 9831 9481.

    I am the head tuition coordinator of Perfect Score Tuition, a singapore registered business under ACRA. Our tutor search services and consultation are provided for free! For more information, view our website at Perfect Score Tuition Singapore.

    Hope I'm of some help!

    Bryan Ang
  4. English Builder

    English Builder New Member

    Hi kkme!

    Over at English Builder Learning Centre, we offer easy solutions to excellent results!
    • Registered with Ministry of Education
    • Curriculum Planned by Ex-MOE teachers
    • Structured lessons & Hands on activities
    • Researched methods & Proven Results
    • Trained Teachers

    We offer English, Maths & Science for Primary Levels, English for Secondary Levels & Reading Programmes for ages 4 to 6.
    March Holiday Programmes & Adult Classes are now open for registration! :)

    For enquiries, you can email us at: or call us at Tel: 6565 6770
    We are located at Blk 492, Jurong West St 41, #01-22
  5. MsPink

    MsPink New Member

    Hello! I have a home-based tuition centre down at Blk 662B Jurong West St 64. We do small group (2 to 6 students) tuition for children in primary and secondary levels. It is a very personal setting so you can rest assured that your child is personally taught by myself, the centre's owner, or a current primary school teacher.

    You can check out our website at Matt's Education - Home to find out what other parents/students say about us or give us a call at 67928076 / 96630572.
  6. warawa

    warawa New Member

    Maybe you may also want to consider Qeren Learning Centre... Find the review online :)
    singapore jc tuition
  7. 2bb

    2bb New Member

    Challenging Math at Jurong West for P1 to P5
    100% challenging problem sum
    Math Olympiad and Non-routine problems
    High order thinking skill training
    Small group ( not more than 3 kids )
    Parents sit in to supervise
    1 free trial

    Interested, please contact at 91002307.

    B. Regards
    Mdm Chow
  8. economicstuition

    economicstuition New Member

    In our knowledge you can get this tuition in Singapore are in the Best Economics Tuition, they are relevantly good in this profession.

    Visit :
    Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
    170 Upper Bukit Timah Road
    Call / SMS: 8251 3684
    > | 'A' Level Economics Tuition
  9. Amandaxu

    Amandaxu New Member

    You might wanna try Tuition Finder heard they are not bad in a sense they interview all their tutors under strict regulations etc so no funny business on your side. Also they match your child according to the right tutor, so for parents who wants to go for a long term basis tuition with the tutor you and your kid can connect to, can try them. I just recently engaged a chem tutor from them for my boy, as it's my boy's weakest subject currently. Can pm me for more information.

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